What is Linkbuilding: concept and distinctive features

11.04.2020 Blog

Linkbuilding is the process of external optimization of the site, associated with the “manual” construction of the reference profile of the resource. Linkbuilding differs from the mass purchase of links in the same way as a piece purchase of products in a store – from wholesale purchases of packages from the warehouse. In the first case, you have the opportunity to carefully select each unit of the product, in the second – you can only hope for a happy event that will save from spurious or loss of product appearance due to improper storage or careless delivery.

Serious seo specialist for the purpose of quality linkbuilding performs painstaking and laborious work to obtain natural links. A large number of sites, the highest competition in almost all niches of business, the development of a mass of new tools for optimization and the complexity of the process of promotion has identified optimizers engaged in creating a link profile in individual specialists – linkbuilders.

Who is a linkbuilder

As mentioned above, this is a narrow specialist whose activities are aimed at external optimization of the site by increasing its reference mass “manually”. The essence of this separate direction can be understood by considering the features of the linkbuilder from the scope of his duties.

Linkbuilder should:

  • perform analysis of the site and thematic niche;
  • develop an external optimization strategy;
  • create a list of resources and a plan to place links;
  • register and maintain accounts on linked exchanges, partner sites, and other venues;
  • prepare an anchor list for placement on donor sites;
  • control the placement, quality and efficiency of links;
  • prepare reports and adjust actions for the future period.

The linkbuilder should have an excellent understanding of SEO promotion. Also, for quality linking should be clearly understand what links are good, and what may cause the site to fall under the filters of search engines. Only links from a properly selected Internet resource will bring the growth of positions in the issue and even additional traffic. If you need such specialists, then contact the company Linklifting.

Linkbuilding strategy

Developing the right strategy is essential for effective linking. In this regard, it is determined:

  • types of links (depending on the anchor of the link, method and location);
  • sites for obtaining natural links;
  • key phrases and words;
  • schedule and placement plan for a given period;
  • budget.

When approving a strategy for building a link profile, it should be taken into account that the process of citation placement should be continuous and consistent. Search engines may suspect a problem if there is a sharp surge in the number of external links within a short time, and in the next few months, this figure is insignificant. Links in natural linkbuilding are harmoniously inserted into the content. Therefore, the construction of a link profile is closely linked to copywriting. The nature of the content and its content depend on the donors.

Effective reference sources

Sources of links – donor sites where links are placed on the site. The main free sources include:

  • Social networks – a quick and effective way to get links, which are highly appreciated by search engines;
  • Referrer sites – in addition to placing links in comments, working on such sites is useful to improve the reputation of the company and increase brand traffic;
  • Forums on a topic – links can be placed in the signature, in the text of the message in existing topics or in a self-created;
  • YouTube channel is not the easiest but very effective way to promote and place links;
  • Guest posting – writing articles for other blogs with links to your site.