Voice of the Demand Gen Marketer: Zack Wooster from Cloudian

21.01.2017 Blog

We’re constantly looking to meet (and exceed!) the needs of our Demand Generation Marketing clients.

The team reads some of the top Demand Generation (Demand Gen) blogs.

Follows Demand Gen experts on social media.

Plans and executes Demand Gen programs across Organic Search and Digital Ads.

We analyze the results of our Demand Gen programs on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to try to drive growth for our clients.

And really it’s our clients who are the hero’s here: the women and men who are leading (or a part of!) Demand Gen marketing teams at high growth businesses here in the United States.

So we wanted to give the Demand Gen Marketer a voice. We want them to be heard!

Specifically we wanted to learn more about the following:

  • What is the consequence of status quo in your role (and don’t just say ‘its bad!’)
  • What challenges do you face on a daily basis and how do you respond to these challenges?
  • Is there one thing that you fear most in your role? If more than one, share the top fears you face on a daily basis.
  • What risks do you take in your role? When you decide to take a risk, how do you approach the decision?

Enter: the Voice of the Demand Gen Marketer Study

We just drafted and published our Voice of the Demand Gen Marketer study. The objective is to collect insights from Demand Gen leaders across the US to understand what similarities and differences they share (in aggregate) with regards to the four questions above.

Not only do we as MKG want to understand this; we want to aggregate, analyze and distribute the results of the study back to Demand Gen Marketers and Leaders so they can hear from their own peers!

As we are collecting responses during the open study period, we’ll be publishing a select few here on the blog as well as social media as individual responses.

That being said, please give a warm Internet welcome to Zack Wooster, Demand Gen Marketer at Cloudian!

While we don’t want to share every single answer that Zack provided, we did want to share one of his more serious responses. Check it out below!

What is the consequence of status quo in your role?

If we present our numbers at a QBR or board meeting showing stagnant growth, it reflects horribly on all of Marketing’s efforts. Each sales person relies on marketing to bring them hot and qualified opportunities. Their paychecks depend on it. If your demand generation strategy is not bringing sales qualified leads, then all of Marketing may take the heat. The worst case scenario is if your KPIs don’t show growth, the pressure will fall upon the Marketing executives. It is not uncommon to see Marketing executives let go due to stagnant growth.

Curious to know the rest of Zack’s answers?

We’ll be posting Zack’s responses to the other three questions on our Facebook page over the next few weeks.

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Want your voice to be heard?

Are you a demand gen practitioner or leader at a high growth business here in the US?

Then we would love to hear from you!