The New Google Ads Interface Transition Happening by November 2018

16.03.2017 Blog

Google has just broke the news: the new Google Ads interface will be switching by the end of the year.

You’ve got 7 months to prepare!

…or do you?

You actually have 5 months.

Although headlines have opted for the shorter & sexier “by the end of the year” or “year-end”, Google’s official blog post states:

Note that we won’t switch accounts during the busy holiday months of November and December.

Kudos to Google for the foresight. Having worked at a major gift company, A-N-Y disruption in November or December would ensure Google would get coal in their stocking that year.

Dreading actually having to use the new Google Material Google Ads interface (somewhat hilariously dubbed as “ Experience”)?

Read up on my blog series on someone who is forcing themselves to use it and doesn’t really like it! Am I starting to like it? Does it offer any benefits compared to the old interface? I’m writing about my experience weekly, so keep coming back!