The benefits, harms and effectiveness of cigarette substitutes

10.04.2021 Blog

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a narcotic substance that stimulates the production of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. If in the body of the smoker at a certain time (an hour or more) does not get the next dose of the substance, it leads to a deficit of dopamine, which in turn provokes the depression of the central nervous system. There is a feeling of discomfort, anxiety, irritation, and it increases upward. Then the physical torment begins, which peaks around day 3 or 4 of giving up cigarettes. Within a month, the physical dependence virtually disappears.

If you can not endure this month on the willpower is not possible, then you need to look for something that would cause a similar chemical reaction in the body. The same principle works nicotine patches, sprays, pills, e-cigarettes, gum and cigarettes without tobacco. You can buy everything you need here But the effects of their use are different, as well as the potential harm to the body.

Nicotine patches

The most useless remedy, because it only strengthens the addiction to tobacco. The principle of action is the same as that of cigarettes, the only difference being that nicotine enters the blood quickly through the lungs and slowly through the skin. Therefore, it is very difficult to relieve nicotine cravings with patches. You have to stick a few pieces at once, and on different parts of the skin, so there was no irritation. The result – expensive, inconvenient, and the harm to health is almost the same.


The effect is the same as with the patch, the only difference is that it’s much easier to inject the product into the body (just spray it in the mouth). The plus is that the spray freshens the breath, the minus is that you will not get rid of physical dependence, as the body will constantly receive a dose of the narcotic substance.

Chewing gum

We are talking about a special nicotine gum. It contains a small dose of the substance (2-4 mg), so it is advised to use it every time there was a desire to smoke a cigarette. In a day you can use up to 20 plates, but over time you will need to reduce their number. The remedy is effective only if you “get off” the gum in time, when the dependence on tobacco smoke will go down. If you make chewing nicotine gum a habit – the same way you used to chew cigarettes – your health is unlikely to improve. And even the opposite: it is believed that the abuse of nicotine gum can lead to cancer, among other things.

Electronic cigarettes

According to long-term smokers, e-cigarettes in 99% of cases do not allow to give up the bad habit. As a rule, after a month of use the device is sent to a distant drawer of the desk, and the smoker again switches to regular cigarettes. Or get used to the fragrant smoke, which is also harmful to the body – when heated mixtures for electronic cigarettes decompose, forming toxic substances formaldehyde and acleroid, which negatively affects the CNS and irritate the airways. In addition, when smoking e-cigarettes in the lungs of the vaper settles and accumulates finely dispersed vapor, which is harmful to the organs.

Nicotine Substitute Pills

One of the most effective means. These pills contain different chemical compounds that act on the body similar to nicotine. As a rule, after taking such pills from cigarettes begins to vomit – it is impossible to make even a couple of full-fledged puffs. If you follow the schedule of taking the drugs and add a little willpower, you can really easily quit smoking.

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