Defining Measurable Media

04.04.2017 Blog

Measurable Media is the idea that a single impression can be mapped all the way to a final end conversion.

A conversion can be defined as an end action that is or either leads to a sale, for example:

  • A final purchase
  • Trial sign-up
  • Product download
  • E-mail sign-up

We identify who converted, look at their online make up and behavior (demographics, psychographics and more) and find more users that match the converting profile. Our solution increases sales and drives down the cost per lead.Measurable Media is not:

  • Click-through-rate
  • Cost per click
  • Website visits
  • Page Views
  • Time spent

The final three are better categorized as engagement metrics, knowing how people interacted on the site so optimizations can be made for the best user experience. Mapping these back to which banner or placement got a person there isn’t necessary and doesn’t show how a campaign performed.